MIMO Wireless Systems

Outline: The aim of this tutorial is to provide an introduction to the area of MIMO wireless systems with particular emphasis on MIMO-OFDM. We cover topics ranging from MIMO channel modeling over basic information-theoretic considerations to MIMO receiver design and MIMO system level considerations.

A detailed outline of the course is as follows:

1. Introduction
- Wireless Channels, Fading, Diversity
- Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Wireless Systems
- MIMO Channel Models

2. Performance Limits
- Capacity of MIMO Channels
- Diversity and Outage Performance of Real-World MIMO Channels
- Fundamental Tradeoffs between MIMO Gains

3. MIMO Signaling Techniques
- Spatial Multiplexing and Space-Time Coding
- Receiver Design and Information-Theoretic Performance Analysis
- Coherent and Noncoherent MIMO-OFDM

4. System Level Aspects of MIMO Wireless
- System Level Gains of MIMO
- MIMO-OFDM for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access

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