30 August


Tutorial AM1 09.00-12.30
OFDM - Choice of Next Generation Wireless Communication
Presenter: Dr. Uma Jha
The Boeing Co., USA

Tutorial AM2 09.00-12.30
MIMO Systems
Presenter: Prof. Helmut B÷lcskei
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland

Tutorial AM3 09.00-12.30
TDD-CDMA Technology for Cellular and Ad Hoc Systems
Dr. Harald Haas
International University Bremen (IUB), Germany
Dr. Riaz Esmailzadeh

Keio University, Japan


Tutorial PM1 13.30-17.00
Multi-User Detection
Presenter: Prof. Lars Rasmussen
Institute for Telecommunications Research, University of South Australia, Australia

Tutorial PM2 13.30-17.00
UWB Systems
Presenter: Prof. Moe Win

Tutorial PM3 13.30-17.00
High speed packet data support in IS-2000 (1xEV-DV)
Presenter: Dr. Young C. Yoon, SMIEEE
Ericsson Wireless Communications Inc., USA

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